or be disrupted. There is no middle ground

We Create Exponential Organizations

ExO Works provides organizations with the coaching, framework, and support they need in order to compete and succeed alongside the world's fastest growing companies while developing a portfolio of initiatives capable of moving the needle for even the largest of organizations.

Through the ExO Sprint, ExO Inspire Workshop, and ExO Collective Intelligence Swarm, we enhance your organization's ability to disarm the "corporate immune system," make the mindset shift from scarcity to abundance, and develop internal innovation capabilities.



Shifted Mindset

Engage and empower your most valuable employees to drive successful innovation inside of (and at the edge of) your organization.


Accelerated Innovation

A repeatable innovation process designed to deliver measurable improvements in share price, revenue, & customer satisfaction.


Exponential Growth

Exponential organizations deliver 10x the performance of their peers by rapidly leveraging the abundance created by emerging technologies.

ExO Works helps large organizations like yours successfully implement new technologies, disruptive processes, and innovative systems—preparing you for the exponential arena. 

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An Exponential Journey

ExO Works will have transformed your company’s pace of evaluating hidden disruptive risks and opportunities, then formulating immediately adoptable solutions to fast changing customer needs. Your executive and management teams will have mastered new skills for exponential success and the ability to implement those skill and processes across your business.


We spend 30 days before the Sprint making sure you'll have the most productive results. We'll help you construct diverse and effective Sprint teams, walk you through our timeline and what to expect, schedule the in-person sessions, interview a representative cross-section of your executives and employees, and provide you with a customized road map of where to play and how to win at exponential transformation.


Your organization is ready to hit the ground running when the ExO Sprint starts. You also have timeline and a plan for optimizing your execution process before the end of the ExO Sprint.


A half-day in-person session for an extended audience (C-suite, management, and other employees) to learn about opportunities from exponential technologies, linear versus exponential thinking, and disruption risk. We explain the strategies powering the world’s fastest growing companies—the ExO Attributes—and how they can be profitably implemented into your business. We provide access to a roster of world-class speakers, including Salim.


We use "shock and awe" to shake up any complacency in those who think that simply getting better at the status quo work can help you compete with outsiders who are using new technologies and business models to work 10x faster, cheaper and better. We inspire your people to leverage ExO techniques to profoundly improve your existing business—and build exponentially profitable new business lines.


An interactive two-day in-person session where your Sprint teams work with their ExO Coaches to first evaluate your company’s status quo, and then start using the ExO methodology to brainstorm and validate new business ideas. Equality within the teams allows members to unshackle their creativity, and exercise skills they usually suppress in their jobs.


Sprint teams start to see how swiftly they can accomplish research, idea generation, and market testing using the ExO methodology. They move beyond incremental mindsets to thinking big about profitably changing the world for the better, leveraging the unfair advantages of the parent company. They also release themselves from the anti-failure mindset that stifles productive brainstorming and product releases. 


Teams connect virtually during the first five weeks to research emerging technologies, new business models, and potentially disruptive startups. They refine their understanding of your business’ risks and opportunities. Each team develops 10 initial ExO-potential ideas, then uses customer validation and competition analysis to whittle those down to the best 4 initiatives. Teams start to access members of the ExO Ecosystem for specialized advice, while learning how to access advice from other companies and experts. Each team presents their progress regularly to both the ExO Coaches and client representatives to ensure that they are on track.


Participants typically report that they work faster and more productively than at any other time in their lives. They become comfortable with failing fast and well, then using those learnings to pivot to ideas with higher potential. They define the existential risks to your organization and open their minds to hidden opportunities for both protecting against disruption—and expanding your profit opportunities.


An intensive one-day in-person session where teams pitch their initiatives to a panel of their own senior executives, along with ExO Ecosystem members who have extensive start up experience. It's like a full day of Shark Tank to help your teams strengthen and rework their "half-baked" ideas.


Teams get to road test their ideas halfway through the ExO Sprint, while there are still five weeks left to adjust.  They receive feedback on which initiatives are the most compelling to management—and therefore would be likely to get traction if pitching to investors—before they get too attached. They receive specific suggestions on how their ideas can be improved or pivoted, plus strategic introductions.


Teams connect virtually during the second five weeks, and each choose their two highest-potential initiatives to pursue. They create minimum viable products or wireframes of how their product or service would actually operate, in order to learn from potential customers. They evaluate the financial potential, initial funding requirements, rollout process, and potential initial partners, suppliers, and customers. During this time, the teams continue to present their progress regularly to both the ExO Coaches and client representatives to ensure that they are on track. Teams also continue to access the ExO Ecosystem of advisors to learn more about specific technologies and new business models.


Teams learn how to validate their ideas in more detail, identify their own biases, and assess risks. Their sense of achievement from learning so much so fast inspires them that they can, in fact, profitably change the world for the better. The final product is an impressive final pitch for each initiative. 

Launch Session

Each team presents their final initiatives during an intensive one-day in-person session to their C-suite and other executives. After this session, we often recommend that company leadership indicate which initiatives will move forward for further incubation.


Teams experience the high-pressure environment of pitching to their senior leaders and thinking on their feet to answer probing questions about the initiatives. Most participants report being awe-struck by how much they achieved. Many commit to continuing that degree of productivity post-Sprint, whether back in their usual roles, implementing the chosen initiatives, or coaching future Sprint teams.

ExO Edge & Core Initiatives

Core initiatives, those that exist within the established framework and structure of your organization, are initiated. These Core Initiatives are accompanied by Edge Initiatives, which serve to drive change and experimentation by existing at the fringes and pushing the boundaries of your organization and industry.


Your organization successfully launches multiple initiatives that move the needle on big-picture metrics like share price, revenue, or customer satisfaction.



Enterprise-Level ExO Sprints

We Work With Large Global Companies

We work with large companies around the world that demand the highest quality of delivery, professionalism, knowledge of how to apply exponential business models and technologies and coaching prowess. Getting a sprint right gets exponentially harder with the size of the organization.

Advantageous, Premium Coaches

Therefore, we only work with a small subset of certified ExO Coaches who consistently meet our exacting Enterprise-Level criteria. All have demonstrable track records in growing companies, senior leadership and coaching. They are equipped to navigate the corporate immune system of large, complex companies and are credible in front of top CEOs. They possess the highly sophisticated business instincts that are crucial to helping teams find the differentiated 10X business case amongst the vast troves of complicated data unearthed during sprints.That is a very rare skill indeed.

High Returns Paired with Staff Training

Our sprint teams typically each create two initiatives requiring under $10 million investment over two years, then deliver +$100 million value per annum. There are many agile, design thinking and other methodology practitioners who do a great job and junior-mid seniority projects. They probably cost less than us. If you want strategic-level outcomes with high returns (average 70X), while training staff to become brilliant innovators with future-ready mindsets, the small extra investment is a no-brainer.



What Do You Need To Achieve This?

1. Appoint 4 - 6 of your cross-functional people of all seniority (including millennials) per team to spend 50% of their time for 10-weeks of training and initiative development

  • Or hire our people to be part of a team
  • Or include stakeholders who can influence the returns and implementation

2. Those who will decide which initiatives will proceed, should attend weekly 1hr meetings

  • Some clients are replacing their executive training with these sessions, as they are better at embedding practical growth strategy, commercial idea evaluation and portfolio management skills
  • An optional 20 hour Executive Workshop is included

3. Appoint 1 - 4 of your senior innovators or leaders to liaise with coaches and peers

  • They will provide feedback to teams when they present their progress each week 
  • This aligns the initiatives to company goals and helps them escape being killed by the “immune system”

Fee for 1 - 30 teams is available upon request

  • Typically 4 teams per sprint
  • Full 10-week ExO Sprint package includes premium-level coaching, keynotes from notable speakers, calls with global experts chosen from the ExO network of 7,500 innovators and technologists to create 2 initiatives per team

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Coaching Not Consulting

We coach your people—instead of consulting—because you know your business best. By internalizing the winning methods that allow for continuous adaptation, you can help your organization be fully-invested in the implementation and growth of the initiatives that result from your Sprint.

  • Outcomes-P&G

    Procter & Gamble: ExO Sprint, USA 2016

    • Created new innovation division, learned to run their own Sprints
    • Have launched 25 initiatives to date
    • 8 are on track to deliver $50M+ in value or 10x lift in customer satisfaction
    • Turned several IT shared services into revenue generators
    View The Case Study
  • Outcomes-Visa

    Visa: ExO Sprint, Brazil 2017

    • Country Manager used the process to relaunch / change culture
    • Employees presented 135 new product ideas, of which 4 have launched
    • ”Some ideas will become products and some will be incubated internally”
    • ”The multidisciplinary spirit of the way of working has been ingrained in the company.”
  • Outcomes-Coteminas

    Coteminas: ExO Sprint, Brazil 2018

    • Taught new mindset to executives, learning to think an order of magnitude larger in scale.
    • ”Everyone is blown away in the level of thinking and methodologies that we are using.”
    • ”We achieved mindset reset in certain parts of our business that we knew would fall behind.”
  • Outcomes-Sareb

    Sareb: ExO Sprint, Spain 2018

    • Executives were made fully aware of technology changes and the startup landscape.
    • Leadership reported ”ideas must come from inside, inspiration from outside.”
    • They process supported a culture of creating leaders to keep changing the organization.
  • Outcomes-TDAmeritrade

    TD Ameritrade: 2017 + 2018 Sprints, USA

    • Created new Start up Studio
    • Our primary contact, John Hart, was promoted to head the new Studio
    • Sprint participants had unprecedented access to their CEO during multiple working sessions

The ExO Sprint shifts the organizational mindset to leverage emerging technologies, creates actionable business plans, and drives business transformation.

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“It’s been a fabulous journey, not just in terms of coming up with new ideas, but infecting the broader organization so that you can actually run your operations differently. When you’re a large enterprise, success isn’t all about what a small group of people is doing in isolation; success is about the transformation you bring back into the core.”- Tony Saldanha, VP Global Business Services, P&G
Don't want to commit to an entire Sprint? Learn about our accelerated ExO Inspire Workshop