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  • "I was extremely pleased with the outcome of our Sprint. Work meetings today are completely transformed. People are proposing new things, speaking with a totally different mindset and with an exponential and disruptive vision." Jose Fernando CEO, Ike Asistencia
  • "If you are not in the business of doing Sprints and experimenting, then you're halfway to being disrupted already. Only 10% of the challenge is the underlying ideas. 90% of the challenge is bringing the company along…Salim and his team were the solution to unfreezing it." Tony Saldanha VP Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble
  • "We exceeded our goals...it was a big awakening for the entire organization." M. Perez Head of Strategy, Rassini
  • "The true gift of the EXO Sprint is the paradigm shift within a core group of individuals that are empowered to shift the future of a corporate giant. At Vodacom, we have been empowered to accelerate our business from a Telco to a TECHCo." Terryn Sithara Palani Vodacom

  • "Being stretched out of my comfort zone is an understatement. Going through the sprint taught me that I am able to be to efficient and produce work of great quality under immense pressure, despite my fears and doubts. What a rewarding experience!" Nwabisa Qwanyashe Vodacom

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