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  • "The true gift of the EXO Sprint is the paradigm shift within a core group of individuals that are empowered to shift the future of a corporate giant. At Vodacom, we have been empowered to accelerate our business from a Telco to a TECHCo." Terryn Sithara Palani Vodacom

  • "I was extremely pleased with the outcome of our Sprint. Work meetings today are completely transformed. People are proposing new things, speaking with a totally different mindset and with an exponential and disruptive vision." Jose Fernando CEO, Ike Asistencia
  • "If you are not in the business of doing Sprints and experimenting, then you're halfway to being disrupted already. Only 10% of the challenge is the underlying ideas. 90% of the challenge is bringing the company along…Salim and his team were the solution to unfreezing it." Tony Saldanha VP Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble
  • "I loved the transparent, open and safe working environment that enabled us to be our true selves. The sprint stripped us off position levels, seniority, extreme formalities, giving us nothing but an extreme passion to focus on what mattered: understanding our customers’ problems and building up a potential solution in a collaborative and accretive approach." Michel Yanagiya Regional Sales Manager, Siemens Energy
  • "We exceeded our goals...it was a big awakening for the entire organization." M. Perez Head of Strategy, Rassini
  • "The ExO Sprint is the best ever MBA I've done." William Mzimba CEO, Vodacom

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