Diego Soroa

Diego Soroa

ExO Ambassador

An active member and contributor to the ExO Movement, Diego Soroa has earned international recognition as an entrepreneur, architect, speaker, and educator.


I am an architect of systems, passionate about how serendipity can lead to massive changes. Massive changes in organizations happen when our individual capabilities and motivations are connected and aggregated. My professional goal is to precipitate the right connections between the right people and the right challenges, or to put it simply, to hack serendipity and to hyperlink people. That is one of the reasons why the ExO Platform Ecosystem Director is a dreamed position I am ready to fully commit to.

Here are some brief context and credentials of my experience weaving communities and articulating distributed workforces. Biomimicry is a discipline that seeks efficiency in nature. In 2012 my Biomimicry Certification Project in Massachusetts was to describe “the Organizing principles for cooperative behaviors in social species”.

At the light of the incredible results of collective intelligence in nature, I understood the next wave of human innovation will not be technological but a fundamental re-think of the way we connect our talents and capabilities to rise to our highest potential as a species. That same year, together with some fellow biomimicry experts I founded Biomimicry Iberia, the Spanish Portuguese non-profit association of Nature-Inspired Designers.

Since I have been researching in the fields of swarm behavior to understand the minimum organizing principles for the rise of collective intelligence in an ensemble. My key learning was; Communities are temporary aggregations of people based on shared motivations, aligned interests or just iterative interactions. To put it simply, we connect on our similarities to benefit from our differences, and serendipity results from identifying matching pairs of motivations and capabilities.

I then architected a platform based methodology to test those principles, to hack serendipity in distributed organizations. It was called “Rise” (very related to the purpose of the Exo Ecosystem). Rise won the Singularity University Global Impact Challenge, and it was recognized by the Wirearchy Commons but did not succeed as a stand-alone business. After my own participation on Singularity University GSP 13, I became part of the organization committee of the Global Impact Challenge Competition to open the doors to other alumni to the Singularity experience. I then helped to articulate the ecosystem of disruptive entrepreneurs and Alumni in Su Chapters for which I became Singularity University Chapter Ambassador in 2015. With some SU alumni and entrepreneurs, we launched the A.D.T.E.E. Association for Development of Exponential Organisations, a.k.a. Exponential Euskadi, a nonprofit I have the privilege to represent as President.

My passion for distributed operating systems also led me to become Professor with a Masters Degree in Universidad de Alcalá on the subjects Blockchain and Decentralised Systems. These past years I have been an active member and contributor to the formation of the Exo Mouvement, successfully assuming roles of coach, disruptor, advisor, speaker, and agent, both at Fast Track Institute and Exo Works Exponential Organisations.

As an ExO insider that participated in most of the Sprint since the foundation, I know many of the individual personas, their roles, their motivations, and to some extent their needs. I consider the ExO Mouvement my professional family, I love our MTP and our evolving methodology, I admire and care about our people and I believe our community is creating a significant impact, that could become exponential once we find the architecture to rise to our highest potential.

Now I am ready to commit to this new challenge. Furthermore, I believe the OS, strategies, and protocols we design to leverage the interconnected knowledge, trust, and credibility for the ExO Ecosystem will be instrumental not only for Exo but also as a model for the future of organizations. Sincerely, Diego Soroa