ExO Works Top 10 Coach Skill Sets

What we strive for:

  1. Coaching skills: Corporate coaching skills that get the best out of a team and help 1 them think big, while being practical e.g. expectation management and conflict resolution

  2. ExO Skills & Mindset and Sprint Methodology: ExO mindset, ability to apply the ExO Attributes, and understanding of the Sprint Methodology

  3. Innovation toolkit acumen: Understanding start-up methodologies: e.g. Lean Start- up; Agile; Google Sprints; Design thinking; Product-market fit; Positioning; Marketing; Prototyping; Customer/Market Validation, Jobs to be done etc.

  4. Technology knowledge and curiosity: Broad knowledge of emerging technologies and related business trends, plus the curiosity to continually learn more

  5. Corporate experience & understanding: Understanding of how large companies function, their politics, mindsets and how to leverage their advantages

  6. Consulting & business toolkit acumen: e.g. Creating & delivering presentations; Storyboarding; Group facilitation; Team Building; Hypothesis Generation; Excel/Sheets & Powerpoint/Sides; Critical thinking; Project Management etc.

  7. Entrepreneurial track record or Business acumen: Track record and/or ability to evaluate and improve a new business idea, ability to shape an initiative with stages including quick wins

  8. Emotional intelligence: The ability to work with the emotions of an individual or group by recognizing, identifying, and monitoring your own emotions as well as the emotions of those around you—and using these insights to guide your thinking and decision making.

  9. Professionalism & Gravitas: Someone we can trust to act professionally: Polished and professional presentation and demeanor – in person and on video; Reliable; Has Integrity; Is on time; Easy to work with; Gravitas/Ability to be credible with senior leadership; Resilient

  10. Personal network, including within the ExO ecosystem: Strong personal network of contacts/knowledge that can help their teams excel, plus ability to access the most appropriate people within the ExO ecosystem