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Salim Ismail


Co-Founder & Chairman

tony saldanha


Vice Chairman

Emilie Sydney-Smith



Mike Lingle


Chief Growth Officer + Crypto Lead

Jabeen Quadir


ExO Consultant

Soul Patel


ExO Contributor


As the world continues to cut resources in many ways and for a lot of businesses, whether you're a startup or an established corporation, learning to do a lot with very little is a great skill set that you can continue to apply no matter where you are.

LILLIE, ExO Sprint Participant





General Admission

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Discounted price until September 15

General Admission

Available starting September 16


Only 10 premium tickets are available. 


  • Private dinner with Salim and Emilie Day 1
  • Copy of both books with personalized signature from Salim
  • Advisor call with Emilie or select ecosystem member

Meaning of Life Session with Salim

Alumni are invited to the infamous, dynamic ‘Meaning of Life’ Session with Salim Ismail, where they will cover topics metaphysics, philosophy and the meaning of life. Alumni should be prepared to engage in deep conversations and bring powerful questions on the human condition, purpose of life, democracy, religion, marriage, parenting, and any other topics they find fruitful.


Meaning of Life Session with Salim



ExO Works Exposition


The ExO Works Exposition was created to showcase ExO community members that are working on or have achieved extraordinary outcomes and honor their innovative ideas. During this exposition, you will have the ability to engage with Global 5000 companies to share your innovative ideas over a two day span.

Registration is now open for new product development, strategy, research & development, or other cutting-edge initiatives.

About the Exposition

Have you delivered high impact through using the ExO Methodology and Attributes? Do you have an idea that could create 10X outcomes for clients? Are you leading a crowdsourcing program, innovation lab, or any other innovation strategies that drive exponential transformation? 

Whether your innovations are internally or externally focused, you are qualified to apply.

The potential influence and exponential outcomes of your programs will be a central part of and evaluated during the ExO Works Alumni Event in Toronto on October 17-18, 2019.*

Eligibility Criteria

Valid innovations must have been worked on within the past three years. All innovators are encouraged to apply. Apply here.



*Draft: Agenda is subject to change


Day 1

Programme Day 1

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 

*Draft Agenda: Subject to change


Welcome Presentation with Salim Ismail

Warm welcome with an overview outlining the ExO Works Alumni Event, and keynote from Salim Ismail.

Briefing on Latest Technology and Social Trends

Update your insider knowledge on the latest developments in emerging technologies, as well as what our global network of thought leaders is seeing in both marketplace and business model developments.

Best Initiatives, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned

Hear directly from previous clients, including participants on ExO Sprint teams, on lessons they learned during the process. This session will include a walkthrough of relevant case studies.

Invoking Exponential Breakouts

(Pick your favorite three workshops from this list)

  1. How to pick the right initiatives
  2. Bringing in external capital to boost initiatives
  3. Help your managers think like venture capital investors so that they can better enable teams to implement innovations (including enabling bottom-up innovation)
  4. Best practices and actions to take in order to implement Core initiatives
  5. Best practices and actions to take in order to implement Edge initiatives
  6. Going global with your initiatives

Interactive Lunch Break // ExO Community Showcase & Voting

Thought leaders from our ExO Community will be showcasing new initiatives during lunch. Please take a few minutes to walk around and vote on your favorites.

Collaboration between ExO Works Alumni / Cross Pollination

Practical exercises focused on self-sovereign identity, including team co-opetition, as well as cross-company pollination and networking.


A brief closing to summarize and reflect on the day and introduce the agenda for day two.

Cocktails + Hors D'oeuvres

Celebrate with ExO Alumni over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Take time to network with those that have the same exponential experience and discuss your latest ExO experiences. 

VIP Dinner

Those who purchased VIP tickets are invited to a private dinner with special guests including Salim Ismail.

Day 2

Programme Day 2

Friday, October 18th, 2019

*Draft Agenda: Subject to change


Why Digital Transformations Fail with Tony Saldanha

Engage with Tony on:

  • How he convinced leadership to fund his efforts
  • How he repeatedly and predictably delivered 10x outcomes for P&G’s Global Shared Services and IT division
  • How he turned shared services from a cost center into a revenue generator
  • How he was able to transition his role to new leadership while preserving the momentum he had created
  • His proven recipe for driving successful digital transformation
  • His personal takeaways from the ExO approach

Avoid Innovation Theater & Disruption

This session will provide our latest, proven strategies to avoid wasting time, money, and effort on innovation projects that don’t deliver. We’ll also cover how our most successful clients are avoiding having their Core business be disrupted by new players from outside their industry.

Panel Discussion—Best Practices for Customer Validation

ExO Sponsors and team participants will explain the methods they’ve used to successfully understand customer behavior in order to launch and scale successful pilots.

Why Digital Transformations Fail 

At the ExO Alumni Event, Tony will share: 

  • How he delivered dozens of 10x disruptive outcomes in P&G’s multi-billion Global Shared Services and IT operation
  • How he convinced leadership to fund his efforts
  • How he turned shared services from a cost center into a revenue generator
  • His proven recipe for driving successful digital transformation
  • His personal takeaways from the ExO approach

Interactive Lunch Break // ExO Community Showcase & Voting Continued

During lunch, walk around to see all of the new initiatives being showcased by thought leaders within the ExO Community. Please vote for your favorites!

Continuation of Cross-Pollination

Part two of the session devoted to self-sovereign identity and working together with other alumni to increase the pace of learning.

ExO Fund

Learn about how you can become involved in our new project to accelerate the global transformation of both business and society. We’ll discuss next steps along with a Q&A with Emilie Sydney-Smith and Salim Ismail


A special session including our future plans, as well as ways for ExO Alumni to stay involved. Plus the announcement of the ExO Community Expo Winner.

Meaning of Life Session (Salim Ismail) 

Alumni are invited to the infamous, dynamic ‘Meaning of Life’ Session hosted by Salim Ismail. He’ll cover topics including metaphysics, philosophy, and the meaning of life in an open Q&A presentation style. He won’t stop until he’s answered everyone’s questions, and he’s been known to go for hours at previous sessions. We promise that you’ve never experienced anything like this.



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*The ExO Works Alumni Event is an exclusive event. If you did not receive an official invite via email but wish to attend, you have the option to attend as a sponsor.

Contact Kelsey Driscoll for further details.

Tickets purchased without an invite will not be valid.