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We’re doing great— do we really need ExO Works?

Many ExO Sprint participants choose to run their Sprint when business is at its best precisely because it provides the ideal environment for shifting focus and energy on becoming better. When an organization isn’t contending with critical issues, negative influences, or outside pressure, it becomes possible to allocate time and assets towards alignment, growth, and the development of internal skill sets and resources.

Even for companies that are performing well and achieving goals, participating in an ExO Sprint fosters the flexibility, adaptability, and innovation needed to stay ahead of competitors.

ExO Works created the Exponential Quotient (ExQ) in partnership with Hult International Business School and showed a 3x outperformance in share price for the high-ExQ members of the Fortune 100 vs. the S&P index over two years (2015 and 2016)—and vastly outperformed their low-ExQ peers. Read about how ExO Works and Hult also measured the FTSE 100's ExQ in 2017.

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