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We use a highly-tuned methodology to help large organizations grow, based on an in-depth study of what powers exponentially growing companies,  incubated through active coaching of your people,  and supported by global adjacent sector experts.


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Why Partner with Us?

Aim Exponentially Higher

Boost your impact with our proven ExO Sprints. Each delivers 8 new innovation initiatives with both early revenue and exponential profit potential. We’ll help you leverage the attributes shared by the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Align Key Stakeholders

We’ll help you create a critical mass of shared innovation skills and vision among your executives and employees. Then you can implement large-scale growth initiatives together, without faltering.

Avoid Disruption

Our ExO coaches equip key players across your company to:

  • Identify hidden risks
  • Continually innovate
  • Validate ideas with customers
  • Place smart bets faster than your competitors

Global Companies Trust Us


Our cross-industry client base includes finance, consulting, manufacturing, insurance, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, textiles, automotive, energy, public utilities, and medical devices.

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What Results Can Your Company Expect?

Here are opportunities we’ve helped our clients identify (many are still in stealth mode):

Procter & Gamble established an internal 10X ExO organization that learned to proactively disrupt their already best-in-class shared services. They launched 25 initiatives in four years on a tiny budget by focusing on “freeing our employees for free.” Eight of these projects are on track to deliver either $50+ million in value or a 10X lift in customer satisfaction.


A $35 billion financial services firm identified an opportunity to streamline the account creation process. They are able to save up to $1B in lost business by implementing a regulated single-click sign-up process.


A global manufacturing firm implemented a new method to reduce costly false alarms. They’ve focused on cleverly analyzing data from customers’ existing devices using artificial intelligence. This approach is projected to save the firm $100 million in the first year, and their CEO quickly approved the project.


A multinational corporation increased customer satisfaction by 10X and reduced wasted time by 83% at their call centers. They used artificial intelligence to understand each customer’s question and access the right answer from the right database in real time (including ingredients, sourcing, and supply chain information). This allows human agents to focus on building relationships and selling additional products.


A $35 billion financial services firm created a new startup incubator. Our client who ran the ExO Sprint process was promoted to run it.


A financial services firm identified a $300 million opportunity to win new customers in an adjacent market. Their approach eased the average 2.5 hour commute for locals in a major city by digitizing and unifying different transportation systems into a single mobile app.


A Fortune 100 company completely removed invoices from a major portion of their supply chain. This is a vastly more cost-effective solution than simply using technology to optimize the existing invoicing process.


A medical device company is creating unique business models that bring effective and affordable health care to countries in emerging markets, while preserving profitability.


Are You Asking the Right Questions?

What if? 

  • Only projects with a tenfold outcome are approved?
  • Your company launched in 2020, how would it differ from the current version and what could you achieve?
  • You were tasked with improving the lives of millions of people, what business would you build to do so?
  • You focussed on the constraints that have been resolved by this crisis and let you create a 10X better process or business line?
  • You discovered the underlying talents of your companies and how can they be used to solve other problems?
  • You removed legacy processes and products that you are maintaining for no good reason?


30% of the existing products and services of the Fortune 1000 are predicted to be obsolete within ten years. Yet the main focus of innovation for most companies is on improving those same products and services.

Corporate innovators must achieve two goals simultaneously:

1. Identify and execute breakthrough ideas that can grow your company 10X

2. Evolve your company’s culture to allow these ideas to succeed

Think that’s not possible?

Consider that in 2012, 80% of Apple’s revenues came from products less than 4 years old. Within 10 years of launching the iPhone in 2007, they had grown revenue 10X from $24 billion to nearly $240 billion. They provide a clear example of how to combine culture and innovation to avoid being disrupted—while driving massive growth. Apple embodies the leap from 10% to 10X.

Our clients are already world-class at improving their existing operations. In just ten weeks, we help them accelerate their strategy, culture, and management thinking around disruptive innovation.


How Will You Stay Ahead of the Curve?

Does being best-in-class today guarantee you'll be relevant three years from now?

How is your company engaging and inspiring its smartest people to shape the future?

Are other companies using technology better and faster, threatening your core business?

Are your innovation projects often cancelled halfway through?

Does your company move slowly because you’re in a regulated industry?

Do other companies grow exponentially while yours fixates on incremental improvements?

How will your company keep up with the increasing rate of change?

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The Smartest People Don’t All Work For You

But do you wish you could talk with them?

Access the world’s most powerful network of experts in today's—and tomorrow's—emerging technologies, from AI to VR.

Receive on-demand guidance from the ExO Community of over 4,500 thought-leaders, advisors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and industry specialists in over 100 countries. 

"In a few hours you delivered the same value that consultants usually provide in six months for half a million dollars.

—Partner, Accenture

We offer multiple ways to access our thought-leaders:

ExO Sprints are designed to coach up to 24 of your best and brightest future leaders over ten weeks. They’ll develop eight breakthrough ideas and validate them with customers. Our process also aligns your organization’s culture to support full implementation.
Awake Sessions and Workshops are focused on how mind-blowing technologies are already transforming the world, why some companies grow 10X faster than others, how to do the same, practical lessons from our client work, and how to apply all of these to your own organization.
Advisor Tickets give you access to an hour of an expert’s time for a deep dive on specific technologies, industries, disruptive business models, and more.
ExO Swarms allow your teams to interact online with six of our experts at once. Each compete to best answer your questions, recount experiences, and provide contacts and useful links for further research. It’s like drinking from a firehose of cutting-edge information in order to supercharge your thinking.

We coach, not consult. We embed skillsets, not ourselves. Our approach helps your teams:

  • Achieve passionate buy-in throughout your organization
  • Leverage existing competitive advantages
  • Come up with their own answers that carry your company’s DNA
  • Move away from internal bias and accidentally duplicating existing start-ups
  • Recognize patterns and identify opportunities to generate massive profits

All of this results in higher-quality initiatives—and the culture change needed to drive them forward.

Here’s what one ExO Sprint team member had to say about the experience:

"I’m participating in a program called ExO at work...based on the book Exponential Organizations. Essentially I’m pulled from my day job for 10 weeks and put on a startup team that’s tasked with disrupting our industry and solving for consumer pain points in a very large way. I’m learning so much, especially about new technologies and concepts like blockchain, self-sovereign identity, mixed reality, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. It’s crazy to know society is on the precipice of very cool, very terrifying breakthroughs. I’m learning so much I feel like my brain is bleeding when I go to bed each night."

Discover how one CEO credits the ExO Sprint with a significant contribution to revenue and profit growth.

Click here for two notable outcomes from the ExO Sprint that INTERprotección, the largest insurance broker in Mexico, ran in 2016
  1. INTERprotección credits the ExO Sprint with doubling their revenue and tripling their profits within 3 years.

  2. After the 2017 Pueblo Earthquake that rocked Mexico City, INTERprotección leveraged their ExO Sprint alumni, along with some of the tech created during the ExO Sprint, to conceive and launch a new insurance product within 72 hours—during a time when other insurance brokers in Mexico stopped offering insurance. As a result, INTERprotección provided two months of vital coverage for free to a sizeable population of previously uninsured homeowners and saw a 36% conversion to paid plans.


“We’re in insurance—a regulated industry that moves slowly. The ExO team coached our people on how to focus on compliance but not completeness, versus our competitors who try for both. Now we’re the fastest decision-makers so we can beat everyone else.”

—Paqui Casanueva, CEO of INTERprotección

What Was ExO Works Created to Achieve?

ExO Works was co-founded by Salim Ismail, the founding executive director of Singularity University and current board member of XPRIZE Foundation.

Salim identified a new breed of companies, Exponential Organizations (ExOs) that deliver 10X more impact versus their peers, usually for less cost. He analyzed the shared attributes driving the hyper-growth of these companies and explained their success in his book, Exponential Organizations. Salim travels extensively, sharing a global perspective with business luminaries and heads of state.

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Exponential Organizations quickly reached No. 1 on Amazon's "Best-Sellers in Business Management." It was named Frost & Sullivan's "Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year," and was ranked one of the 5 best business books by Fortune in 2015. The book has become required reading at the world’s top organizations.

ExO Works was born when CEOs read Exponential Organizations and started asking Salim how they could implement his exponential framework at their companies. Our massive transformative purpose is “the global transformation of business.”

Salim is a sought-after speaker, strategist, and renowned technology entrepreneur who built and sold one of his companies to Google. He focuses on the impact of breakthrough technologies, and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10X faster than their peers. His captivating, educational, and downright jaw-dropping presentations have been referred to as "mind-blowing" and "the best talk I think I've ever heard."



Salim’s message is that "If you’re not disrupting your own business or industry, then someone else already is."

“It’s been a fabulous journey, not just in terms of coming up with new ideas, but infecting the broader organization so that you can actually run your operations differently.”

—Tony Saldanha, VP Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

Tailored Services to Help you Lead Company Growth

1. Schedule a Meeting
We'll review your innovation goals, strategic pain points, and corporate landscape.
2. Customize Your Exponential Roadmap
We’ll create a custom plan to reach your goals, based on our 10-week ExO Sprint led by our accomplished coaches. Our network and adaptable suite of innovation services will help you embed lasting transformation into your organization.
3. Follow the Roadmap

We’ll work towards your goal and adjust as needed. Your company will be:

  • Beating the world's fastest-growing companies at their own game.
  • Protecting your core business from being disrupted.
  • Building new, more profitable business lines.
  • Training colleagues across your organization to become exceptional agents of change.
  • Converting key players across your organization into proactive partners and champions.
  • Establishing the mindset in your executives, managers, and employees to support your innovation portfolio.
  • Turbocharging your business ideas through partnership with our emerging technology insiders and specialists.

What is the risk of an endless onslaught of new startups and smart competitors attacking your core business while you’re deciding what to do next?

We’re here to guide you each step of the way so you can maximize your company’s impact as an innovator—and enjoy the journey.

One of our ExO Sprint participants from a Fortune 500 company said, “I thought of this as a mini-MBA. I have my MBA which cost a lot more money and time and this was a LOT more useful.”

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