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Build Your AI Strategy & Develop AI Talent with Catalit

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CATALIT is an ExO Works partner who specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and training in-house engineers on the foundations of machine and deep learning through delivering immersive, interactive, and hands-on training.


As the featured topic of high profile articles in The New York TimesBloomberg, and even high traffic posts on popular social forums like Medium, the shortage of qualified AI (Artificial Intelligence) engineers—and AI talent in general—has caught the attention of some of the globe's most influential organizations and power players.

From automotive companies looking to perfect the driverless car to the giants of digital search and social media, finding and securing talent capable of implementing and developing these emerging AI technologies has proven itself to be the greatest barrier to the future of AI.

Bridging the AI Talent Gap with ExO Works & Catalit

recent report from the Chinese tech giant Tencent estimated that of the 7.6 billion people currently residing on planet Earth, there are only 300,000 "AI researchers and practitioners" and millions of open AI positions available. 

This surge in demand for AI researchers and engineers—and the subsequent talent shortage—have largely been attributed to two key factors. Those factors are: 

  • Growing Accessibility to AI - The days of AI technologies being accessible only to the likes of Google, Facebook, and other technological giants are quickly fading. For the first time, small- and medium-sized businesses have gained access to various AI applications. 
  • The Exponential Pace of AI Development - The technology driving AI in all its forms has been evolving at a truly exponential pace. While the implications of this speed of development are largely positive in terms of the advancement of the field as a whole, this same speed can make it exceedingly difficult for true AI "experts" to exist. How does one become an expert in a field that's literally evolving daily?

Keeping both of these factors and others in mind, the primary question becomes: How can companies bridge the gap between their AI needs and their AI talent?

For exponential organizations, building Core and Edge initiatives is critically dependent upon the in-house talent that will be responsible to those initiatives. Recognizing this, ExO Works has partnered with key players across dozens of industries and technologies in order to help clients leverage and strategize with innovation partners—and the AI field has been no exception.

Catalit specializes in helping companies and individuals harness the power of deep and machine learning via the skill sets and knowledge needed to maximize potential and unlock abundance. Catalit concentrates on working with an ExO's existing in-house team and engineers and providing them with immersive, interactive, and hands-on training to take them from zero to deep learning in five days.

Catalit has conducted in-house trainings at Microsoft, Sony, Twitter, Wells Fargo, and New Egg—among many others. 

Does your business have a robust AI strategy?

Catalit can consult with your Executive team and business leaders to develop one.

For businesses with an existing AI strategy, Catalit poses this question:

Does your business have the required AI capabilities to execute the strategy?

For almost all businesses, the answer is no. Catalit can deliver in-house training to your engineering teams in machine and deep learning, or your teams can participate in Catalit’s open enrollment training programs.

Catalit is holding their next 5-day Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp in San Francisco  (bootcamp.zerotodeeplearning.com) Sept. 17-21. There are over 50 participants from AirBnB, GE Digital, Autodesk, VMWare, KPMG, Splunk, and Change Healthcare enrolled.

The ExO community will receive 10% off the prevailing registration fee (currently $3,800 per participant). Use discount code exo10off.  Corporate packages available for 5 or more.

To explore working with Catalit, or to send your team to the Zero to Deep Learning SF Bootcamp on a Corporate package, you can reach the team and Catalit’s CEO and Founder, Francesco Mosconi, via info@catalit.com.

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