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05 01 19

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Exponential Quotients: Johannesburg Stock Exchange Top 40 Ranked by Their ExQs

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As part of the first annual Africa Tech Week conference, the top 40 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) were ranked by their Exponential Quotient (ExQ).

JSE-ExQ-Top40 (1)

 In partnership with Africa Tech Week, Topco Research, and the xTech.Institute, ExO Works was thrilled to unveil the first ever ranking of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Top 40 companies by their Exponential Quotient (ExQ).

During this keynote event, a highlight of the much anticipated 2019 Africa Tech Week Conference, Discovery, Vodacom and MTN ranked among the top performing companies currently listed on the JSE.

JSE-ExQ-1-20The JSE Top40 Ranked By ExQ: Positions 1-20

Along with acknowledging the top performers overall, the announcement also included the leading scorers across several industries, revealing the overall growth potential of the South African Market and the organizations that fuel it.

JSE-ExQ-21-40The JSE Top40 Ranked By ExQ: Positions 21-40

When asked about the newly announced ExQs, ExO Works CEO Emilie Sydney-Smith added:

“Although only one JSE company scored in the Exponential Organization range, we are excited by South African companies’ potential to adopt the attributes shared by the world’s most exponential organizations in order to drive performance.”

Understanding the ExQ

First developed in 2015, the Exponential Quotient Survey is designed to help companies measure the potential for growth and gauge progress on the road to becoming exponential organizations—meaning they have a 10x impact vs. their peers.

While the survey has evolved in the years since it was first designed, the basis for an organization’s score has remained the same. Each ExQ is determined by how well an organization meets the core requirements for each of the 11 key attributes that define an exponential organization.

Organizations & ExQs Around the Globe

With this most recent ranking effort, the JSE Top 40 have joined the likes of both the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100—all of which have been ranked by their ExQ.

In the case of the Fortune 100, it’s become clear that in the nearly four years since they were first ranked, those with the 10 highest ExQs grew by an average of 53 percent. By comparison, the bottom 10 scorers have experienced 2 percent growth in that same period. 

Companies looking to improve their stock prices can leverage the ExQ to show them how to become more agile, flexible, and future-proof.

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