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How To Take Your Organization Through an Exponential Transformation

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What books, tools, and resources will your organization rely on to make a truly exponential transformation?


Systems and industries relying on traditional, strictly linear, paths to growth have been left with a choice: Continue on the established path and face extinction, or seek exponential transformation and ensure a future.

Anyone who has been active and present in the world of the past 20 years will recognize that across the globe—human society has become one driven by information, rapidly accelerating technologies, and exponential change.

The same internet-based technologies that have come to shape daily life for so many of us have also triggered a fundamental and radical reimagining of what truly constitutes as a successful “organization.”

What is an Exponential Organization?

First introduced to the world by ExO Works Co-Founder and Chairman Salim Ismail and codified in the 2014 book by the same name, Exponential Organizations or “ExOs”, are the class of 21st century businesses that have captured and leveraged the exponential mindset of seeking disruption and embracing emerging technologies. These exponential technologies (e.g. IoT, blockchain, VR, AI—the list goes on) are the keys to unlocking abundance and achieving broad-reaching success at a lower cost.

A perfect example of an ExO is Airbnb. By leveraging key aspects of the Exponential Framework and emerging technologies (i.e. Staff on Demand, Leveraged Assets, Community & Crowd, etc.) Airbnb has been able to surpass the world’s top five international hotel chains in terms of room listings and locations.

What the traditional companies were able to achieve over the course of decades, Airbnb—an exponential organization—was able to achieve and surpass in less than 10 years.

Looking to the Future of Exponential Transformations

In the years since the release of Exponential Organizations, ExO Works and other branches of the ExO Family have partnered with hundreds of specialists, experts, and collaborators as part of their mission to introduce the ExO Framework to companies across the globe.

How to make the Exponential Transformation

Making an exponential transformation is a journey. Thankfully, when it comes to starting that journey and finding success—the ExO Community has developed solutions and tools capable of meeting the needs of almost any organization.

With Exponential Transformation

As the official follow-up to 2014’s Exponential Organizations, Exponential Transformation is a step-by-step guide for any organization looking to make the leap from traditional to exponential.New call-to-action

Co-authored by Salim Ismail, Francisco Palao, Michelle Lapierre and more than 200 collaborators from around the globe, Exponential Transformation is the ultimate workbook for businesses and innovators looking to implement the proven 10-week Sprint process that speeds transformation while blocking the natural immune system response that organizations must overcome to be  successful.

With an ExO Sprint & ExO Works

As the process as the heart of Exponential Transformation, the ExO Sprint is the crowd-sourced and evolving framework for organizations looking to make the leap from traditional to exponential. 

Where Exponential Transformation provides teams with the resources they need to conduct their own Sprint, without outside collaboration, partnering with ExO Works offers organizations the opportunity to perform their ExO Sprint along side a dedicated team of ExO experts, coaches, ambassadors, and collaborators from around the globe.

Learn more about ExO Sprints here.

Other Tools for Exponential Growth

Alongside Exponential Transformation and the ExO Sprint, a growing number of ExO resources are available. Click here learn more about Exponential Organizations, and the ExO Canvas.

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