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We Are Proud to Introduce Emilie Sydney-Smith to the ExO Works Ambassadors

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ExO Works proudly introduces the newest ExO Ambassador, Emilie Sydney-Smith.


ExO Works is proud to welcome Emilie Sydney-Smith to the family of ExO Ambassadors.

Based in New York City, USA.

Strategist, communicator, technologist, and futurist—Emilie Sydney-Smith draws upon 20 years’ of diverse experience in business development, energy technologies, and international corporate communication when working with organizations looking to realize their industry’s exponential possibilities.

Following the deregulation of Australia and New Zealand’s energy and water markets in the late 1990s and early-2000s, Emilie served as one of the consultants responsible for facilitating the intricate negotiations taking place between Government Ministers, senior executives, and industry regulators.

Her experiences during this transition would lead to a role managing corporate development and relations for Sydney Gas Limited, which would later be acquired by Australia’s largest provider of residential and commercial electricity and gas, AGL Energy.

During her tenure at Sydney Gas, Emilie helped raise $200 million in funds and generate 400% increase in shareholder gains. Along with fostering financial growth and stability, Emilie played a critical role in transforming the firm’s reputation to that of a media-recognized “market leader.” In taking on the additional role of company spokesperson, Emilie earned recognition for her performance as a public speaker during numerous high-stakes media engagements.

From 2006 to 2014, Emilie leveraged her knowledge and experiences with energy technologies to earn a place as one of the top-5 rated and recognized delegates presenting at industry conferences and events. Simultaneously, Emilie procured, evaluated, and advised on the potential value of investments in energy production startups and emerging technologies ranging in size from $20 to $400 million in value.

In 2013, Emilie became the co-Founder and CEO of Unearth Corp, an organization dedicated to adapting space program technologies for use in global energy applications. Among the organization’s current initiatives is an effort reduce the cost of a key step in the energy production process by 40% with the help of exponential technologies.

Her passion for driving change and revolutionizing industry standards and expectations has made Emilie a perfect addition to the ExO ecosystem. Along with embracing exponential thinking and ExO Works, Emilie is also a member of the Fastrack Institute.

Emilie is a certified ExO Ambassador, Speaker, Coach, Head Coach, and Advisor.

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