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We Are Proud to Introduce Soul Patel to the ExO Works Ambassadors

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ExO Works proudly introduces the newest ExO Works Ambassador and Transformation Lead, Soul Patel.

ExO - Announcement - Soul Patel (2)

ExO Works is proud to welcome Soul Patel to the family of ExO Works Ambassadors as a Transformation Lead.

Based in London, United Kingdom.

Entrepreneur, strategic consultant, investor, and poet—Soul Patel is driven by a love for problem solving and an insatiable desire to make the world a better place by helping people transcend the confines of societal beliefs and constructs through education and inspiration.

Above all else, Soul is driven by his personal MTP: Help every human being achieve their full potential. In his own words,

I believe that the modern world has forgotten the value that can come from following a multi-disciplinary approach to life, as well as the creative mix that can be formed by combining learnings from, as was my case, entrepreneurship and business, investing, physical arts (such as Capoeira), and mentally focused activities such as poetry and debating.

As an ExO Ambassador and Transformation Lead, Soul has honed his skills as an entrepreneur and strategic consultant who specializes in disrupting and transforming experiences across global markets and industries, including: Property/Real Estate, Private Equity, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Social/Humanitarian efforts, and Government Systems.

While building his own P2P business, which would eventually be sold to an £800m investment fund, Soul advised the boards of multiple international companies and firms.

As a result, he has cultivated a successful track record of developing and delivering innovative solutions capable of driving strategic change, inspiring operational improvements, and fostering investment opportunities.

Soul is also a Lead Mentor at Norwegian tech accelerator of the year, Katapult, advising both a drone infrastructure start-up and a shared economy real estate start-up.

As a avid member of the ExO Ecosystem Soul is a certified ExO Sprint Coach, ExO Ambassador and Transformation Lead. He's also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Accountant (ACA), Prize-Winning Poet, trained Martial Artist, and has Deep Peak Performance, Success Psychology, and Coaching Training.

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