Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

ExO Ambassador

A self-proclaimed “global citizen”, Kevin Allen earned his undergraduate degree in pharmacy and an MBA, allowing him to turn his sights to the ever expanding worlds of pharmaceuticals, Fintech, and—most recently—Exponential Technologies.

I am an energetic and creative individual. I display leadership characteristics, believing in leading by example. I enjoy facing up to challenges, performing new tasks and mastering what I set out to do. I believe that we live in an abundant world and look for ways to impact those around me with positivity, especially through exponential technologies.

I thrive on knowledge and look for new opportunities to learn as often as I can. I ensure to ask the right questions to understand all aspects of operations and believe in learning from those with experience. Even though I am young in years I feel that I have a great deal of wisdom, both personally and professionally, and have the ability to share this with others.

I have an undergraduate Pharmacy degree and an MBA (Cum Laude). Although through reading and the internet I have shaped my thinking in terms of exponential business models and what the future holds.

On a more personal note when I have free time I enjoy nature, creating digital art, singing, searching the web and designing buildings and homes.