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From the attributes of the world's fastest growing organizations to the emerging technologies and ideas that drive them—are you ready to leverage the exponential framework and explore new possibilities?

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The Exponential Thinkers




Emilie brings 20 years’ experience in private equity, capital raising, energy technology screening and commercialization, business development, due diligence, investment, keynote speaking and project management.


  • How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies
  • Investing in Tomorrow's Exponential Organizations
  • How to Profit from Disruptive Convergence
  • Prosperity Amid the Clash of Ideologies


  • Favorite New World-Changing Technologies
  • Brainstorming of New Exponential Initiatives
  • Testing the truth in futuristic visions in movies

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Better Innovation Podcast

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ExO Ambassador & Crypto Lead

Mike is focused on making sure that ExO is there whenever clients, partners, and agents need help building exponential organizations. He also leads the ExO Works crypto practice, including promoting the CivX token economy.


  • How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies
  • Where Disruptive Business Models Come From
  • How to Transform Disruption into a Competitive Advantage
  • Future-Proof Your Organization


  • Multiply Your Organization's Output Using OKRs
  • How to Grow Faster Using the ExO Methodology
  • Brainstorming and Implementation of 10x Opportunities

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"Where Do New Business Models Come From"


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Chief Product Officer

Soul is a multi-disciplinary professional and speaker. He has addressed audiences and senior company leadership across Europe and Africa, working with some of the biggest corporations and institutions in the world.


  • Exponential Technologies
  • Exponential Organisations
  • Blockchain & Defi
  • The Future Of Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Poetry & Storytelling

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Success is the Best Advocate

It was fantastic to have Mike speak at our offsite for Google Cloud! He taught us how our clients can emulate the world’s fastest-growing companies using exponential innovation. This stuff comes naturally to Google, but isn’t so obvious to the rest of the world. Mike has the unique ability to simplify complex topics and turn them into practical suggestions that everyone can understand, and he delivers his message with energy and passion. My colleagues keep telling me how impressed they were.

Enrique Garza, Growth Manager, Google Cloud, South Florida // Google

We loved having Mike Lingle present objectives and key results (OKRs) to our Data and AI org at IBM. Mike is not only a thought leader but also a terrific presenter! Over 100 IBM-ers came from cross-functional teams (engineering, sales, tech sales, product management, product marketing etc) to learn from Mike. He demonstrated best practices by engaging us with stories from his experience in building companies and working with startups. These real world examples quickly gave us a sense of what to expect when implementing OKRs, as well as pitfalls to avoid. I’ve been receiving positive feedback all day from both our employees and our executives!

Ambal Balakrishnan, Program Director, Data and AI // IBM

I am so glad that we were able to attend Mike's session! From start to finish, it was an engaging and enlightening look at everything from the dangers of the corporate immune system to the tactics that have allowed the world's fastest growing organizations to earn that title. It's unbelievable how easy it is for some of these elements, despite their ability to drive incredible exponential growth and change, to be overlooked if you don't have someone there to shine the spotlight on them. Our team is absolutely looking forward to our next opportunity to participate in another ExO Work session.

Attendee // Innov8rs Miami 2019

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