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What Was ExO Works Created to Achieve?

ExO Works was co-founded by Salim Ismail, the founding executive director of Singularity University and current board member of XPRIZE Foundation.

Salim identified a new breed of companies, Exponential Organizations (ExOs) that deliver 10X more impact versus their peers, usually for less cost. He analyzed the shared attributes driving the hyper-growth of these companies and explained their success in his book, Exponential Organizations. Salim travels extensively, sharing a global perspective with business luminaries and heads of state.

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Exponential Organizations quickly reached No. 1 on Amazon's "Best-Sellers in Business Management." It was named Frost & Sullivan's "Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year," and was ranked one of the 5 best business books by Fortune in 2015. The book has become required reading at the world’s top organizations.

ExO Works was born when CEOs read Exponential Organizations and started asking Salim how they could implement his exponential framework at their companies. Our massive transformative purpose is “the global transformation of business.”

Salim is a sought-after speaker, strategist, and renowned technology entrepreneur who built and sold one of his companies to Google. He focuses on the impact of breakthrough technologies, and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10X faster than their peers. His captivating, educational, and downright jaw-dropping presentations have been referred to as "mind-blowing" and "the best talk I think I've ever heard."


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